The Neuroscience of Coaching

July 23, 2020 | Libby Christenson

Coaching helps integrate that which was once separate— values, desires, sense of purpose, sense of self, connection to others— to expand beyond what your brain thinks is possible, and into what your soul knows is possible.

“Self-directed neuroplasticity” is the process of willfully rewiring your synapses in response to the stimulation of learning, exploring and experiencing fresh perspectives and possibilities.

A coach is an expert in facilitating that process.

Through embodiment/movement, visualizations, breath work, tracking physical sensations, riding emotional waves, deepening into curiosity, exploring multiple perspectives, making empowered choices, diving off the cliff with challenges/risks, becoming aware of the body’s intuitive response— the brain transforms.

These exercises are designed to manipulate the nervous system and get us in touch with the essence beneath. It clears us from self doubt and confusion, creating new paths to freedom.

Neuroplasticity (ability for the brain to form new connections) is the science of HOPE. It assures us that:

  1. Our brain can change (beliefs about ourselves and the world can and will transform).

  2. We can direct the course of its changes.

  3. A coach can help us direct this course in a way that feels invigorating and yields results.

All of this to say, the personal growth work you’re doing? Keep doing it. Keep challenging yourself and keep connecting. But don’t do it alone... we aren’t built for that.


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