why we're here

At mynd ("mind"), we believe in the power of life coaching and social support to help you move toward identifying and achieving your goals in life, whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. 

Founded in 2020, our mission is to empower the pursuit of holistic well-being while cultivating an inclusive network of like-mynded individuals and coaches to keep you on track. 

Just as athletes work with coaches on a regular basis to level-up their performance, we believe that consistent life coaching can have a lasting positive impact on the quality of your life. 


We feel that everyone can benefit from life coaching to achieve their goals and live in alignment with their values, dreams and higher purpose. We see life coaches as mentors with a cheerleading edge, someone who can help you find clarity and make the most of your strengths while tapping into your unique gifts so that you can attain greater fulfillment. 


Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific goal or you’re looking for all-encompassing support to bring long-lasting positive change into your life, a life coach and a support network can help you move forward.


Built on the power of community and coaching to bring peace of mynd to all.

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Stefanie Safahi
Co-founder + CEO
Libby Christenson
Co-founder + COO

a note from our founders

We built this community to be just that, a community.  A pillar of support when and if you need it that can help you manage and maintain your mental well-being.


Our personal journeys and life experiences led us here and inspire us to continue down this path. We know that life can, at times, be challenging, complex and sometimes lonely. 


We built this platform to serve as a safe space for you to take charge of your well-being - whether it's a friendly chat with someone who's been there before, or whether you're ready to engage with a coach who might inspire you to move more confidently in the direction of your goals. 


Above all, we built this to remind you that you are never alone, that you are strong and you are so needed here. 

We hope you find peace of mynd

Stef & Libby

Founders at mynd

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